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Rock Solid Group RSG technology solutions, providing excellence in technology contracting since 2015. Our head quarter is based in Jeddah KSA, with one branch office at Riyadh KSA. With our extensive experience, we develop a spectrum of technology, gaming and entertainment solutions for organizations across the business industry. RSG opens the doors for organizations to enter into a new world of business management, experiences, and engagement. From business intelligence and resource planning, cybersecurity and Internet of Things, IT services and media production, to games and entertainment solutions, RSG is able to tailor a full package to meet the organizational needs.

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Rock Solid Group's vision is to become a global leader in customized technological and entertainment solutions.

RSG has been providing excellence in technology contracting since 2015


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The technical support at RSG is an essential part of our services, in order to better serve businesses especially our clients. We provide our assistance though different channels of communication ranging from phone to email, remote and on-site support.

We cover up to four tiers, or levels:

Level 1:
Initial support level responsible for basic customer issues.

Level 2:
A more in-depth technical support level where our technical experienced engineers offer their expertise on a particular product or service.

Level 3:
Highest level of internal support for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. Our highly skilled product specialists will assist in problem resolution.

Level 4:
Outside support for problems not supported by our company. With our contractual support for some products offered by RSG, we forward the requests to concerned companies and monitor solution implementation.