Supply Chain Management System

    Our Human Resources Information System is an advanced level module that provides to growing organizations services for :
  • ● Supply Chain Management System provides a complete solution for procurement team to process and manage the requested material request forms from all over the organization.
  • ● SCMS System keeps updated catalog of items, vendors, and suppliers that can be updated upon the user demands.
  • ● SCMS Systems automate procurement related tasks effectively with minimum processing time and reduce paper consumption effectively.
  • ● SCMS System supports comparison of quotations from different suppliers and helps procurement officers to generate POAF (purchase order approval forms).
  • ● SCMS System assists organizations to manage enterprise vendor’s relations, control procurement process and follows up with suppliers for material delivery.
  • ● SCMS System is capable of generating error-free reports for tracking and managing Procurement departments tasks effectively.
    • Technologies
    • Asp.Net MVC using C#, Javascript, JQuery & Ajax, MS SQL Server.
    • Clients
    • MBL, ICAD, First Fix, BAUMAT, IFAS.